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Husbands and Christmas presents

Just before Christmas I received by mail a sales brochure entitled “Christmas’ Most Wanted”. According to this brochure, what most blokes wanted for Christmas was a 2.5HP air compressor, air hose, and a mechanics’ air tool kit. I gave this a second’s thought and decided against it for my husband. As one of the Weekly’s male contributors, would you please tell me if I made a terrible mistake?

You are so funny. This is not a genuine enquiry. You know my response. If I received an air compressor for Christmas I would think my family had gone nuts. But it astonishes me what the advertisers think would appeal to a bloke. Some mens’ entire lives revolve around their workshop, garage or motor vehicles. My life revolves around my wife and family. The best thing they could buy me would be a photo album full of pictures of crazy times we’d had together.

The best thing my wife could buy me would be something that made her look even more gorgeous – a floppy summer hat, a pretty dress – but not another a pair of shoes or handbag. Funnily enough, I once bought an air compressor without even knowing what it was. It was nearly all brass and I bought it from a junk shop in Shannon. It looked so classy. When I found out what it was, I used it to blow all the dust from my garage workbench. That’s all I could think of using it for. Sadly, it busted. But I don’t want it replaced by a modern air compressor, even if it comes with an air hose and mechanics’ air tool kit.

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