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Your stars for 2013


January 21 – February 19
MONEY/CAREER: January sees you able to step back from your routine to reassess your financial and career goals. Taking the time to have a good look at what you want to achieve in the coming year will allow you to work out how to use your skills to your best advantage. You may develop a whole new perspective.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: You’ll find the year ahead brings opportunities to de-clutter and get rid of anything in your life that’s holding you back, which will improve your stress levels immensely. Nurture your health by taking care not to take on any commitments that will be too difficult to fulfil.

RELATIONSHIPS: In 2013 you’ll become clear on what it is you need and want in a relationship. You’ll be able to easily discern whether your current partner or a potential love is right for you.

CELEB: TAYLOR LAUTNER Like Taylor, Aquarians will be able to inspire and influence people in 2013. In the main it is a positive year for the actor, and he’ll develop an unusual romantic connection that may surprise his fans. Whirlwind changes will cause organised chaos, but Aquarians are very good at dealing with change.



February 20 – March 20
MONEY/CAREER: You’ll be able to see opportunities that other people miss. There’s work to be done and a major learning curve mid-year sees you having to acquire new skills if you’re to move ahead financially. Working with people as part of a team is going to be the most rewarding option for you.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: If you’re planning to travel, make sure that you take out that medical insurance as if there are any health issues they will surface while you’re away from home. It could also be problematic if you don’t do your research on medical facilities before you leave.

RELATIONSHIPS: Caring and sharing will be your mantra in 2013. Loyalty will be expressed from someone who cares deeply about you. Don’t be afraid to fall in love – this is the perfect year for single Pisceans to find their soul mate.

CELEB: PEACHES GELDOF At times during the year, Peaches will find that her honesty can be misinterpreted as arrogance, which is something all Pisceans need to be wary of. It’s simply that you do your homework and are well informed, but unfortunately that can sometimes make you seem like a bit of a know-it-all.



March 21 – April 20
MONEY/CAREER: There’s a strong planetary pattern for promotion, being a leader and establishing a reputation. People will be most impressed with your work ethic, honour and integrity. One or two tough lessons can be avoided with careful planning.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: It’s important that you’re not stubborn about seeking treatment when a small health issue such as a toothache appears. The only major health problems will come from letting something small go unattended and become something bigger.

RELATIONSHIPS: You’ll be more focused on friendship than romantic love this year. The wonderful thing is that a potential lover will totally understand your focus and won’t give up; he or she will bide their time and make a real effort to win your heart.

CELEB: KRISTEN STEWART In 2013 Kristen will want the freedom to do things her way and to undertake a project that’s independent of the people she usually works with or for. She won’t be afraid to do something that has never been done before, and you will join her in embracing competition, taking risks and having a very busy year.



April 21 – May 21
MONEY/CAREER: There’s a great deal of good luck in your financial situation; you’ll always be in the right place at the right time in 2013. Anything to do with negotiations, bartering, contracts and commitments will run smoothly, resulting in the best outcome in each situation.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: The weak point for Taureans is the eyes, which are prone to minor infections, so take good care of yours. It will be an effort to motivate yourself at times because your busy schedule will take its toll. Sleeping well will make a world of difference.

RELATIONSHIPS: This year you will have to look deeper into the workings of your relationships and really listen to what your partner has to say, or you may miss something important pertaining to how they’re feeling.

CELEB: ROBERT PATTINSON Robert is sensitive and craves emotional security. This doesn’t need to be romantic as he’s very connected to his family and draws a great deal of strength from them; like Robert, you should look to your family and close friends for comfort. He’s open to new experiences during 2013, and some kind of musical or dramatic project will take up a great deal of his time.



May 22 – June 21
MONEY/CAREER: If you’re stuck in a job where you feel you’re underutilised and undervalued, now’s the time for you to change that. Being the careful person you are, you may have stayed in your job because of the economic slump. But the world is now your oyster.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: Your weak points are your toes and fingers, so wear gloves if you’re working with your hands and always choose quality footwear. Family, friends and colleagues will be surprised when you break out of your routine and do something unusual.

RELATIONSHIPS: There are passionate energies flying around you throughout 2013, and there could be a danger of falling in love too quickly. Fortunately you have a strong practical side that will cause you to analyse things before you speak what’s in your heart.

CELEB: JOHNNY DEPP There will be changes in Johnny’s social circle, with new friendships developing. Most Geminis will experience this shift in social connections, with some friends seeming to drift away while new friendships flourish. There’s a pilgrimage or trip that has been close to Johnny’s heart, and this year he’ll find time to go on the journey.



June 22 – July 23
MONEY/CAREER: There is an international flavour to your year. This could involve travelling for your job or business, or acquiring a position with a company based overseas. Cancerian teachers and tutors will do well securing roles that they thought might not be available to them for a couple of years.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: Keep doing what you’re doing, maintaining your health and being aware of what your body needs. You may find you become bored very quickly in 2013, so make a list of new activities to keep you occupied.

RELATIONSHIPS: For single Cancerians, romance will appear via your work. The instant attraction will surprise you, and there’s potential for a lasting relationship to develop. Partnered Cancerians need to be very careful that they don’t neglect their spouse in the pursuit of career success.

CELEB: VIN DIESEL This is a man who embodies the saying “Where thought goes, energy flows”. He’s not someone who does run-of-the-mill travel, and this applies to Cancerians across the board. You’ll make a choice to do things differently, to go to different places and have real adventures, solo or with a loved one.



July 24 – August 23
MONEY/CAREER: Leos are natural leaders and this year will bring the opportunity to take that ability to the next level. There will be high-powered projects or ventures that capture your attention. You’ll ultimately be responsible for the outcomes, but that also qualifies you for 100% of the rewards.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: Your health could be a little challenging if you’re not careful, with your joints being a hot spot; those with arthritis and other joint conditions should take extra care. Emotionally and spiritually you will be strong, so don’t be surprised if people gravitate towards you for advice.

RELATIONSHIPS: You’re very charismatic and it will seem as if anyone you express an interest in is attracted to you. Two potential partners will make themselves known and you’ll have a difficult choice to make, but the right decision will become clear when one of them says or does something that reveals how perfect they are for you.

CELEB: BEN AFFLECK Ben has a high-energy year ahead and won’t want to waste a minute of his precious time on people or situations that are unproductive. There are some major lifestyle changes coming up for him (and you!), and the only danger is that he’ll push other people as hard as he pushes himself and feel frustrated when they can’t keep up.



August 24 – September 23
MONEY/CAREER: Set achievable goals and put the big dreams aside for a few months. Save money by being practical: get things fixed instead of purchasing new items and redecorate instead of moving house. In terms of your career it’s wise to stay put for the first half of the year. The latter part of the year brings opportunities for progress.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: It seems you’ll be looking after everyone else’s health in 2013, keeping an eye on an elderly relative or helping a friend find their path. Your own health is good and this year will be one for maintaining the status quo physically, emotionally and spiritually.

RELATIONSHIPS: The past year will have been busy, with you and your partner seeming to be ships passing in the night. In 2013 you will once again enjoy closeness and harmony. Singles will be happier focusing on their own life rather than looking for a partner. If you have a wedding planned for 2013 it will be a very fortunate and happy union.

CELEB: RACHEL HUNTER Rachel has a clear sense of what’s right and wrong, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see her take a stand this year in a situation in which she feels there’s been a miscarriage of justice. All Virgos will face something like this to a lesser or greater degree. Refusing to give up will see you achieve success.



September 24 – October 23
MONEY/CAREER: You’re going to be extremely happy to find a wonderful boss who appreciates you. If you own your own business you’ll acquire an inspirational client and you’ll work well together throughout the year. Your accomplishments will boost your reputation no end.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: A tendency to get a little overwrought when you’re faced with time constraints or a decision to make can tie your stomach in knots. Ease the pressure by committing to an exercise programme, scheduling regular massages, doing yoga or meditating to ward off headaches and serious digestive issues.

RELATIONSHIPS: You will go through a metamorphosis in 2013 that will be enlightening for you but perhaps a little threatening for your partner. Your usual conservative way of relating to each other will change, so be prepared for a period of adjustment. Single Librans will find themselves attracted to someone of a different culture, country or religion.

Catherine is going to experience some major changes on the domestic front, but she’ll take it all in her stride and adapt easily to her new circumstances. This is something all Librans have in common. She will make some bold statements regarding her relationships, and may even write a book.



October 24 – November 22
MONEY/CAREER: Scorpios who are involved in the media or the arts will find that their star is on the rise and will receive accolades the whole year through. Be prepared to be more widely known and for your talents to be sought after. You will have more than enough praise and financial rewards to keep you happy.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: Sport or exercise may be your downfall this year, but that doesn’t mean you should give it up. You will, however, need to take care to warm up, cool down and eat well to maintain your strength. You have the potential to exceed your personal best.

RELATIONSHIPS: Whether you’re in love or yet to find a suitable partner, you will need to be patient. It’s important to strike a balance, and that may mean compromising a little more than usual. It will be worth it, and this situation will only last for the first couple of months of the year. As the year progresses, your relationships will become more stable.

CELEB: DELTA GOODREM In 2013 Delta will find that she has a tendency to get frustrated with people she’s working with and feel that she’s not able to accurately convey her vision and thoughts. The answer to this is to streamline her communication and present only the basics. You’ll find along with Delta that people only need to see a basic outline of your plans and to be told what the rewards will be for them.



November 23 – December 22
MONEY/CAREER: Your responsibilities will increase at work this year. If you’re a student, be prepared to make some changes to your study plans mid-year when you realise that you need some different skills to move into your chosen field. Financially Sagittarians are very savvy, and in 2013 you will continue to make the most of every dollar.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: You will be restless and want to try to achieve all of your goals at once, but this is not good for your body, mind or soul. If you insist on doing more work than usual, balance it with extra sleep and perhaps a little extra exercise. Your weak spot is your diet, and there may be a tendency towards diabetes and cholesterol issues.

RELATIONSHIPS: There’s a need for you to be a little more attentive and demonstrative in your relationships. Sometimes you take it for granted that the people you care for know that you love them, but they need to hear it, and you need to spend time with
them or you could find yourself alone.

CELEB: BRITNEY SPEARS The planets are lined up for some major changes for Britney. These are all positive changes as the chaotic cycle of the last couple of years comes to an end. She will be eliminating people from her life who have not been loyal or kind. She’s going to negotiate very hard and not agree to anything that doesn’t reflect her self-worth. Follow her lead.



December 23 – January 20
MONEY/CAREER: Your stars reveal that this is going to be a life-changing year in terms of your finances and career. Whatever you do, you’ll hit it out of the park. There’s no boring routine this year, and just when you think things are getting a little mundane, there will be a sudden shift and off you’ll go again.

HEALTH & WELLBEING: Your shoulder, neck and upper back are the points on your body you need to watch. If you’re involved in sports or work where those shoulder muscles are used extensively, remember to give them special care. In all other respects you’ll feel invigorated and you’ll have energy to burn.

RELATIONSHIPS: Capricorns will be blessed with good, solid relationships in 2013. However, you do have a tendency to seek adventure and this may cause friction because your partner is more than happy with the status quo. You may find there’s an opportunity to work with, go into business with or invest with a loved one, but be careful. Make sure doing so won’t rock the boat.

CELEB: KATE MIDDLETON Kate is intelligent, broad-minded and likes to feel free. What you share with her this year is the need to be able to follow your bliss. Kate’s love of the arts will see her blend charity, education and performance. She also has a strong sense of justice, and will be involved in a situation where she stands up for someone who has been wronged.

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