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Editor of the New Zealand Woman's Weekly, Louise WrightFor a little while I worried my arms had changed length. I was knocking over coffee cups on my desk, and no matter how far away I stretched a book to focus, my fancy-pants glasses just weren’t cutting the mustard. It was only when my best mate Rach gently suggested it could be my eyesight that I bit the bullet and booked an eye test. A week on, I’m slowly coming to terms with the embarrassment of saying the P was an O, and the E was an F on the optometrist’s eyechart. I’ve been wearing glasses for three years, and while I was in denial when I donned my first pair, I now have to accept they’re pretty much a permanent fixture. While I’m regularly found using two pairs of glasses as hair accessories, instead of just my sunnies, I now get to enjoy a whole coffee in the morning and I’m loving the joy of a good book that I can actually read. And besides, the fact is, our health is the most important thing. So if you’ve been putting off that eye test, it’s time to bite the bullet and get it done. I did. And one day, I might even grow to love my lenses.

Louise Wright, Editor

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Issue 1541

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