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Catherine MilfordIt’s a new year, and for many of us, that means change. Whether a joy or a challenge, change faces us all at some time. So if you’re determined that this is the year you’ll finally get healthy (see our top celebrity tips), or, like Queen Elizabeth II, you’re adjusting to a change in your family dynamic, the one thing you can always be sure of is that nothing stays the same for long. We’re in a time of change at our house – because after six years of planning, pleading and imploring from my two kids, I finally conceded and we have become the proud owners of a dog. She’s a year-old, SPCA-rescued bundle of mischief called Shy (a misnomer if ever I heard one) and while it’s only been a few days, our lives have been completely transformed. All of a sudden the kids are desperate for walks, come rain or shine, and while one cat has learned that a swift swipe to the nose can do wonders (Shy prostrates herself on the floor, utterly terrified), the other flees in terror – joyfully chased by a dog who’s delighted the cat’s so keen on this new game of “chase”. We’re also working on getting her out of the habit of lovingly licking us all awake to go for a walk at 5am. Yes, it’s a time of change – but that’s what new years are all about. Happy 2013!

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