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Sarah StuartI’ve always hated saying goodbye. At airports, I’m the girl running away from my family through the security gates, not in tears but with the burning anguish of embarrassment and the desire to move on, quickly if possible. After a night out with friends I will often disappear – which can be distressing for those who fear for my safety but saves the hassle of explaining why I’m leaving and that inevitable last round of hugs. I hate the small talk that surrounds the final goodbye. The tears that can well up when you least expect it. The disappointment of others if there are no tears. Leaving something often means the start of something new and, as someone who likes change, I’d rather be excited by the next thing than longing for the past. Which is a long-winded way of saying that this is my goodbye from the Weekly. After two wonderful years of weddings, babies, Kiwi stars and royal announcements, I’ve decided to switch direction and, at the age of 41, go to university for the first time. It’ll mean more time with my kids and a chance to work from home. It’s scary and thrilling and, yes, tinged with regret at leaving this wonderful magazine and the gorgeous team of women who put it together. Thank you all for the loyalty and love and letters of advice, and welcome to Louise Wright, who takes the reins in January. Change is good – whether you’re 41 like me or 80 like our magazine. And so, adieu.

Carole Middleton

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Carole Middleton takes control

In this week's issue of New Zealand Woman's Weekly magazine, who's calling Carole Middleton the "New Queen Mother"? We take a look inside Benedict Cumberbatch's

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