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Sarah StuartWhat a way to end the year – Kate’s ill but obviously very pregnant, and one of the most attractive royal babies will be joining the clan sometime mid next year. The terrific news about the littlest Windsor reached us in the early hours of last Tuesday, just a day after I’d stuck my neck out on a national radio station and said my money was on a pregnancy. As we wrote last week, Kate has put on a significant amount of weight and her skin and hair are in the kind of state that only expectant mothers enjoy. Poor Kate was obviously feeling horrendously ill but like the trouper she is, she bravely pressed on, even playing hockey in heels at her old school a week ago. The young royals have once again timed it all to perfection – Queen Elizabeth II is at the height of her popularity as her jubilee year ends and royal baby news is just what we need to cheer us out of our cash-strapped Christmas shopping. We’ve got seven pages of the latest information for you, much of it written by our longtime royal watcher Judy Kean. Her prediction is for a girl, named Alice Elizabeth Diana Catherine Windsor, though there is a chance another Queen Victoria could be on the cards. Boy or girl, Alice or Andrew, Leo or Cancer, this baby will be watched by the world from eight weeks after its conception for the rest of its hopefully long and happy life. Thanks, Kate and Wills – you’ve done us proud again.

Issue 1541

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