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Sarah StuartI loved Josh Kronfeld’s comment in his story about his partner Bronwyn’s pregnancy and their adorable son Cassius: “We fully believe that what he went through at birth is why he’s such a neat little man.” He’s talking about the oxygen deprivation during delivery which led to Cassius’ cerebral palsy. There is, of course, nothing more agonising than fearing for your child’s health and it’s heartbreaking for anyone to see children who have to deal with physical or mental disabilities. But Josh is right – kids who have been through hardship or challenges often do develop a special character in some way. My son MacPherson is one who, from the age of three, has coped with a very visible medical condition. He has alopecia – an autoimmune disorder that means he has no hair on his head or anywhere on his body. This can make him a target for teasing or comments when out in public, with most adults assuming he’s dealing with cancer and most children wanting to touch his head. But special character? He has it in spades and at the age of eight is already a very empathetic, thoughtful and kind human being who will develop a resilience that can take decades for others to learn. Weekly reporter Kelly Bertrand said Cassius’ smarts and personality shone throughout our interview and photo shoot. He’s “very rock ’n’ roll” as his dad likes to say, triumphing already over his difficult beginning.

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