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Sarah StuartThere is no more entertaining lunch guest than the Weekly’s Peta Mathias. Firstly, she’s easy to spot, swathed in glorious vivid silks and with that signature red hair coiffed to perfection atop her tiny frame. She’s also always on time, which is a modern-day miracle. Once seated, she has the best stories, the juiciest titbits to share and she takes charge of ordering delightful quantities of food which she enjoys with gusto. She never drinks to excess and isn’t afraid to challenge the chef when required. At a recent short meeting over strawberries and bubbles, she pronounced the fruit “dull” and enquired as to whether there was “any alcohol we could slosh over them to liven them up”. With a drizzle of Cointreau and a small dish of cream, we were back in business. Peta’s extraordinarily busy and colourful life – divided between France and New Zealand with side trips to India and Morocco most years – has made putting her weekly column together difficult and she has imparted all her best tips for combining food and company (see all of her columns here). So for now, we are saying a small farewell to Peta – though we will continue to bring you stories of her travels and life where possible. And she will, of course, always be a welcome guest at Weekly dos. Thanks Peta, for sharing your inimitable style with the Weekly family. Perhaps one day we will visit you in France.

Issue 1541

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