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Feeling replaced by best friend’s brother

Dear Wendyl,
My best friend’s brother recently returned from a long time living overseas. I had never met him before, although I knew she was very close to him. Well, he is absolutely vile and I can’t stand him, but every time I see my friend he is with her. We can’t go anywhere without him tagging along because they are so close and are apparently joined at the hip. I’m getting to the stage that when he turns up I just make my excuses and leave, and my friend doesn’t even seem to notice. How do I get my friend back?

Lonely, by email

Dear Lonely,
I hate to say this but I get the feeling that your friend’s brother has replaced you in her affections. So don’t just put up with it – tell her how you feel and say that ever since he got back you feel like you no longer count. Let her know it would be really nice to just have time with the two of you. Her answer will either be that she simply hadn’t noticed because she was so glad to have him back and she’s so sorry, or where she goes, he goes. Her answer should help you make up your mind about the future of your friendship.

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Issue 1541

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