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Feeling left out

Dear Wendyl,
At Christmas my best friend who lives in London came home and met my other best friend who lives here. I knew they would like each other but I wasn’t expecting them to get on quite so well! They hung out the whole time she was in town and now they are planning to catch up in Paris next Christmas without me! I was invited but I couldn’t afford it so they are going without me. How did I lose both my best friends?

Left Out, by email

Dear Left Out,
I think you are overreacting just a little. If you love your two friends you should be happy that they get on and find each other’s company so enjoyable. None of that means you are being excluded and I presume the London one has gone back there so you still have your local friend at your disposal. Be a bit more generous and trust in the fact that both friendships are strong and always will be.

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Issue 1541

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