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DIY dilemma

Dear Wendyl,
My husband and I have just bought our first house and we are loving fixing it up and doing all the bits and pieces to make it look great. But we have hit a wall when it comes to what colour to paint the outside. He wants yellow (can you believe it?) and I just want plain white. It’s so bad that we can’t even talk about it any more and we keep putting off painting it. Any suggestions?

Homemaker, by email

Dear Homemaker,
Really! Yellow or white? How hard can it be? White is the obvious colour because yellow is just horrible. Your house will look like a big pineapple. Seriously, you have to win this argument. The best way would be to compromise and do a test patch of each on the front. Live with it and then have another chat. I’m sure he’ll see sense. If he doesn’t, perhaps you could let him paint half the house – preferably the back half – in yellow.

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