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Dealing with a difficult work colleague

Dear Wendyl,
I work in an office where there are 20 of us at anyone time. I get on well with most of my colleagues, but one is very political and likes to discuss issues of the day and get an opinion from everyone. If you disagree with her rather right-wing views, then you are stuck in a conversation for ages. But sometimes I just have to butt in and have my five cents’ worth. Can you give me a strategy for dealing with her?

Angela, Wellington

Dear Angela,
I’m a great believer in picking your fights. By all means have an opinion and believe in it, but do you really want to waste it on this woman? I doubt she’s going to take your opinion seriously so just let it go. As you want to respond, tell yourself that you’re not going to waste your breath on her as she means nothing to you and whatever you say won’t change her mind. If she heckles you, just say you don’t want to discuss politics in the office. In the old days, they used to say polite people never discuss money, religion or politics, so you are within your rights not to!

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Issue 1541

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