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Dating a mummy’s boy

Dear Wendyl,
My boyfriend has been living with me and my son for five years now and we get along just fine. But he is very close to his mother, who he lived with for years before we got together, and every few weeks he goes back home for a night. He always has a reason, such as she needs something fixed and it’s easier to stay, even though she is only 10 minutes away. I feel that he really needs to cut the apron strings, but every time I bring it up he says I’m just jealous. Well I’m not, I just think he’s a big baby! What do you think?

Rejected, via email

Dear Rejected,
Yes, he’s a big baby or, should I say, Mummy’s boy. Let’s face it, if you could have a night away every now and then and go somewhere there is a lovely home-cooked meal, a doting woman and a comfy bed, wouldn’t you take off too? The problem is that he is trying to have the best of both worlds and as long as he does he is refusing to be an adult and commit to the relationship and life he has with you. Put your foot down, tell him it has to stop and instead invite Mummy over to your house for a meal to encourage a relationship that is inclusive, not exclusive.

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Issue 1541

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