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Colin Hogg: ‘Hello kitty!’

I could have let this column write itself, though it might have been a challenging read. The first line went, “mmmm” and the second line wasn’t much better.

Still, it was the kitten’s first attempt at writing, though I won’t be encouraging her into a career with words. There’s a bit more involved than occasionally running across the keyboard. Just a little bit. And, anyway, she should concentrate on being a cat because she’s not all that good at it yet.

Our new kitten arrived a few days ago and, though she weighs less than a bag of flour and isn’t much bigger, she is already changing everything around her. Even when she’s asleep she causes trouble. A few hours ago I thought I’d lost her – that she’d drifted out the open back door and gone off, never to be seen again, leaving me to explain to the family how I could be so careless.

Because, of course, being the stay-at-home Stan at our place these days, I’m on kitten care all day while everyone else is out and about in the world. But I do actually have the occasional thing to do other than keep an eye on an ever-moving fluffy white kitten. Which is how I mislaid her.

She’d finally stopped darting around all over my desk and computer and gone off somewhere – probably to harass George the dog, who remains nervous around the bouncy and unpredictable new family member.

I forgot all about her till I noticed how everything was awfully quiet – too quiet for a house with a crazy kitten. I went looking and she was nowhere to be seen or heard – not even under the bed where she likes to lurk among the dust balls. “Good grief,” I thought, “I’m in serious trouble.”

So I did what any man would do in similar circumstances – I panicked and turned the place upside down, but she was still nowhere to be found. Then I recalled the last time I’d seen her was when she crawled into a drawer I had open at the time. And she was still in there, asleep, when I opened it. Within an hour my heart rate was back to normal.

One of the other major things about getting a new cat, of course, is finding a name for it – a name everyone in the house is happy with. Though everyone in the house had a different idea about what to call her.

The daughter had been particularly strong-minded on the matter, insisting the poor thing be called Nugget. I wasn’t keen on a cat with a fast-food name. After a lot of increasingly mad suggestions, the daughter and I agreed to drop all previous ideas and come up with something new on the way home from picking the kitten up.

It was a long drive, unfortunately, but eventually we came to an agreement. It was on the way back and the kitten – as cute as a chocolate box picture – was out of her carrier and dancing around on the daughter’s lap.

“We could call her Mick Jagger,” she suggested, perhaps inspired by the cat’s moves. But we weren’t sure about a cat called Mick so we settled on another Rolling Stone – Charlie Watts, but Charlie for short.

So she’s Charlie and she’s a handful – whether asleep in a kitchen drawer or halfway up a curtain, but she’s only eight and a half weeks old and things can only get easier. Or not.

One Response to “Colin Hogg: ‘Hello kitty!’”

  1. Lily Jan 16 2013, 12:27pm

    so so so happy you got another kitty kat far too many that need homes. Yip yip yippy.

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