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Choosing relationship over job offer

Dear Wendyl,
I was recently offered a great new job with the company I work for, but it meant relocating from Wellington to Auckland. I really wanted to take it as I saw it as a great career move and a lifestyle change for me and my partner. But he refused to shift, saying he didn’t want to leave the job that he loves. I turned it down, but now I’m feeling resentful towards him. Did I make the right decision?

Amy, by email

Dear Amy,
Ask yourself, would you have given up your job for him? When you look at it that way it can be easier to understand. Having said that, I think it is hard enough for women to climb the ladder in business as it is without being held back by their nearest and dearest, so I understand your feelings of resentment. If an opportunity comes up for you again, take it for a defined period of time and see if you can manage a long-distance relationship. Any inconveniences would hopefully be understood by your partner, who after all should want only the best for your future.

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