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When your new friend and husband don’t get along

Dear Wendyl,
I find it difficult to make new friends so when one comes along I am always really grateful. My problem is that my new friend doesn’t get on with my husband and vice versa. He thinks she is loud and rude and drinks far too much and is having a bad effect on me. She thinks he is controlling and doesn’t want me to have my own life. And I’m stuck in the middle, trying to keep everyone happy! What should I do?

Katie, Whangarei

Dear Katie,
It’s always nice when everyone gets along, but there is no rule that it has to happen. So enjoy your new friendship, but make it just the two of you when you get together and spare your husband the drama. But, he was there first, so I think your friend should hold back on her comments about him being controlling. She doesn’t have to see him, but he’s your husband so she needs to respect your relationship and keep any of those thoughts she may have about it to herself.

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Issue 1541

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