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What you may have missed this week

Here are our top ten stories that you may have missed this week:

‘I saw the signs’

Stick insects and chrysalises showed the way to happiness and a new life.

Kelvin Cruickshank: that’s the spirit!

Psychic Kelvin Cruickshank on how to know if your child has ‘the gift’

‘My baby won’t eat’

A mum’s desperation for her daughter.

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How Kate’s spending her birthday

Kate Middleton intends to have some quiet time with her family for her birthday this year.

Kate Middleton style gallery

A style file of pictures of Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s style.

Adding colour to your garden with hydrangeas

Colour the garden pretty with gorgeous blues and pinks.

Summer shopping

Britney, the official shopping blogger for Botany Town Centre, gives tips about shopping this season.

Your stars for 2013

Find out your horoscope for 2013 with detailed relationships, celebrities, health & wellbeing and money & career.

H is for hydration

Make a splash with beautiful skin – it’s just a swig of water away.

Sports fashion gallery

Get ship-shape in brilliant fashion pieces that make a statement.

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