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Weekly People Update: Phia Wilson & Meni Tapu – the weight is over

Sisters Phia Wilson and Meni Tupu Tuia lost a staggering 166kg between them after once weighing a combined total of 324kg.

What’s amazing about the sisters’ weight-loss journey is that they shed the kilos in different ways – Phia went from 176kg to 79kg through diet and exercise, while Meni went from 147kg to 78kg after having her stomach stapled.

Phia lost the weight, but gained something more important since her story appeared in the Weekly – she’s getting married.

“It’s an awesome feeling,” says Phia, who will walk down the aisle next month. In fact, her fiancé is an old flame, Sone Muipu, who came back into her life after her dramatic slim-down.

“During the time we were apart, I was just focusing on myself and losing the weight. Now it’s time to focus on someone else and build our future together,” she says.

“I can do things now that I couldn’t do before. It’s made our relationship stronger.”

Issue 1541

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