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The Great Food Race: Danny & Sara

Engaged Wellington couple Sara and Danny know what it’s like to be under pressure – they are currently planning two weddings, one in New Zealand and one in the UK, Danny’s homeland. Sara (28) works in arts administration, while cocktail bartender Danny (30) is a project manager for a new bar opening in the capital.

Before going on the show, what were your best and worst travel experiences?

Sara The best was Paris – getting engaged up the Eiffel Tower. I don’t have a worst one, and hope not to ever have one.

Danny Best would be travelling around Europe with Sara and proposing in Paris. The worst would be getting stuck at Auckland airport because Wellington was too windy and having to drive through the night in gale force winds and torrential rain to get back in time for work.

What are you like when travelling together?

Sara It is something we love to do together – as long as it doesn’t involve driving and navigating.

Danny I tend to see clearly and calmly under pressure, but I do have a breaking point. Sara works very well under pressure from what I have seen.

What has been your biggest cooking disaster?

Sara I made an omelette with orange juice once as we had no milk – Danny doesn’t let me forget how awful it was.

Danny I set my shoes on fire lighting a Christmas pudding!

Do you have a cooking philosophy?

Sara Cooking should be fun. Also I think everyone should be able to do it to a basic level. People who say they can’t cook haven’t tried hard enough.

Danny Cook with wine and occasionally put it in the food.

How does the show compare to planning two weddings?

Danny With the weddings we are in control.

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