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The Great Food Race: Dan & Aaron

Auckland-based brothers-in-law Dan (33) and Aaron (28) became best friends when they married sisters Laura and Jess nine years ago. Until the show, the surfwear merchandise manager and business development manager’s most challenging travel experience was being in Japan when the tsunami struck in 2011.

Why did you enter with each other and not your wives?

Dan I don’t know that I would want to stress my wife anymore than I do already!

Aaron Laura and I did talk about entering together. Then I heard on the radio they were looking for a male pair for the show and thought Dan and I would be perfect as we have fun together.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve experienced together before going on the show?

Dan That’s easy! Battling in the war against our wives. The two of us fight hard, but it’s a losing battle I think.

Aaron Our biggest challenge was not sending each other to the hospital on our stag dos. We sometimes go a bit over the top.

Before the show, what have been your best and worst travel experiences?

Aaron They were all in the one trip! We were heading to Japan for a boys’ snowboard trip and as we were descending to land the earthquake hit Japan. The plane circled, then the tsunami rolled in so we had to be redirected from Tokyo to Osaka.

Dan Our family were pretty worried, but in the end we had the best time snowboarding and getting up to all sorts of antics.

Dan, you have two daughters, Liv (13) and 18-month-old Taylor Lily. Has becoming a dad changed your cooking?

Dan Definitely, I really think about how I cook our food now and wonder how I can make it cheaper and healthier. I’m always coming up with new ways to get a few more vegies in my girls. And after coming home from work, cooking dinner needs to be quick.

Aaron He’s got really good at using a microwave!

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