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Nothing to Crowe about

He’s been labelled a “prattus maximus” by media outlets, his marriage is dead and he will potentially cough up $29 million in his divorce settlement – it’s not a good time to be Russell Crowe.

Friends of Russell’s estranged wife Danielle Spencer (43) announced the couple had split three weeks ago. Russell (48) refused to release a statement himself, and no reasons for the break-up were given. But sources say it’s largely down to Russell’s “king-sized ego” and wandering eye, as well as his well-publicised temper.

Friends say relations between the pair have been “frosty” for a long time, but they stayed together for the sake of their two children, Charles (8) and Tennyson (6). Danielle moved into a Sydney home in March last year with neighbours claiming she bought the house as a “single mother”, according
to the Daily Mail.

Russell remained in the couple’s apartment a few suburbs over. However, Russell then spent 18 months overseas with only fleeting visits back to Australia to see his boys.

Danielle, who is trying to carve a career for herself as a singer, has always refused to relocate to the US to support Russell. The actor is currently filming the biblical epic Noah. Ironically, filming in New York had to be halted last week due to flooding from superstorm Sandy.

Along with their geographical separation, the same sources told the Daily Mail Danielle has had enough of both Russell’s temper, which saw him once throw a phone at a hotel clerk, and his “overactive eyeballs”.

Despite the end of his marriage being made public, Russell hasn’t commented on the break-up and has instead taken to Twitter to comment on his fitness regime. Danielle has also kept quiet, though she was initially blamed for the split amid rumours she had been seeing her Dancing with the Stars partner Damian Whitewood.

Damian has denied the claims, but has said that Danielle told him “things [in the marriage] weren’t great”.

Vivienne Archer

One Response to “Nothing to Crowe about”

  1. Speakup Nov 18 2012, 10:32pm

    His private life is his own business. What concerns me, is that the producers of the movie NOAH, actually chose a carnal person like Russell to play the role of a man of whom it is written in the Bible, was the only person on earth to “find grace in the sight of the Lord,” (prior to God destroying the earth.) As I understand, the person who played the role of Jesus in “The Passion,” was not an actor and was chosen because he loved the Lord Jesus. I believe the producers should look for someone who is not necessarily an actor, but who loves God, for the role of Noah-because that will shine through. I can’t imagine watching Russell play the role, knowing his past. No criticism of him, we are all sinners; but he just shouldn’t have that role thats all.

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