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Craft – Button art

Looking for something special to decorate your little one’s room, but don’t want to break the bank? Consider a button picture to give life to even the dullest space.


  • Box frame
  • Glue gun or clear adhesive
  • Selection of buttons
  • Sheet of plain pale card
  • Sheet of plain white paper
  • Sheet of thick card
  • Sharp pencil

1 Draw your chosen initial onto a sheet of thick card. Enlarge the initial using a photocopier, so that it fits comfortably within the box frame. Cut out the letter carefully from the thick card, position it centrally on the sheet of pale card, and lightly draw around the outside edge with a sharp pencil. Repeat with the sheet of white paper.

2 Arrange the buttons within the initial shape on the sheet of white paper. Fill the letter with buttons, grading them from the palest colours at the top, down to the darkest shades at the bottom. Use larger buttons to fill in the bigger, wider spaces, and smaller ones for the narrow, more fiddly parts of the letter.

3 Once you are happy with the placement, glue the buttons to the corresponding position on the pale card.

4 Once you have filled the initial shape, get depth by adding a second layer.

5 Leave the card lying flat until the glue has dried completely, then place the card and button initial in the box frame.

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Louise Richardson planned to work at New Zealand Woman’s Weekly from an early age and having achieved that career pinnacle, she’s stayed put for 18 years – nearly a quarter of the magazine’s 80 year history. She never gets bored because no two days are ever the same, and she gets to work with her real-life passions, decorating, travel and fashion.

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