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Top 10: Summer Salads

Salads can be a delicious meal on their own, or as a tasty side to a main meal. Whether you’re after the perfect potato salad or a mouthwatering pasta salad, you’ll find it in our top 10 salad recipes below.

Pasta salad

This is so simple to throw together.


New baby potato and salmon salad

The fresh, zesty herb dressing gives this simple potato salad a kick.


Cos salad with poached lemon chicken

This is full of crunch – sweet apple, salted almonds and zesty lemon chicken.


Sweet mango salad

The sweet mango and cool cucumber, combined with the tangy dressing and hit of chilli, makes this salad really pop.


Raw energy salad with lemon dressing and poppadom

Studies show that eating more raw food is good for you, not only physically but mentally. This recipe is so easy and light!


Chicken salad with brie and toasted almonds

You can substitute the asparagus with fresh green beans if it’s not in season.


Watermelon salad

It’s both delicious and nutritious to serve a fresh salad at a BBQ alongside all that meat. Watermelon is a welcome addition and children love it.


Grilled ham & peach salad

Grilled ham & peach salad is a healthy recipe to use up that leftover ham!


Lamb & mint salad

Vibrant and full-flavoured, this is summer on a plate!


Retro prawn salad

Who doesn’t love an old fashioned prawn salad? You can buy aioli and mayonnaise at your local supermarket and frozen prawns are much more affordable these days.


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