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Top 10: Prawn recipes

Prawns are a quick and tasty option that can be dressed up for that special occasion, used as part of the main meal or as a delicious entrée.  Pop them on the barbeque or toss them in a salad or create a delicious prawn stir-fry.

Here are our top 10 prawn recipes for you to enjoy!

Steamed butterfly prawns, spinach and oyster sauce

This is a very pretty and delicious dish that is quick to prepare.


Chilled king prawn slaw

For this dish we paid $10.99 for 500g of frozen prawns from the supermarket and $2 for the cabbage at a weekend market.


Lemon prawn, potato and spinach salad

Ready in 35 minutes, serves 4. 500g precooked prawns, tails removed; 2 tsp lemon pepper; 1 lemon, zest and juice…


Pea and prawn stir fry

Everyone loves this combination – the sweetness of the prawns is perfectly complemented by the peas.


King prawns with caramelised miso

This dish takes no time at all and is perfect for whenever you have a home gathering.


Retro prawn salad

Who doesn’t love an old fashioned prawn salad? You can buy aioli and mayonnaise at your local supermarket and frozen prawns are much more affordable these days.


Sticky prawns and noodles

This recipe can use any variety of green vegetables, so long as they are fresh and in season.


Prawn Cocktail

Valentine’s night is the perfect excuse to stay home and cook a gorgeous meal for the love of your life – or someone you have set your sights on!


Prawn tortilla cups with avocado, coriander and lime

We all love parties, but when it comes to actually throwing them, enthusiasm can quickly wane, especially when you’re faced with catering. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to


Simon Gault: Bbq prawns

It’s time to dust off the barbie and get those prawns a fryin’

Ask the Experts

Seared honey & lemon prawns

Such a classic combination, these prawns make a perfect entrée or light lunch.


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