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Top 10: Kumara recipes

Kumara is a nutrient-rich, versatile vegetable that is an alternative to potato. It can be used in many ways – from soups to salads to a delicious side dish. Here are our top 10 kumara recipes for you to enjoy.

Kumara Bravas

Spanish bars make this using potatoes. We used kumara instead to give it a Kiwi twist.

Kumara and sausage fritters

Traditionally made in China with local sausage and sweet potatoes, we found kumara and spicy pork sausage from the supermarket worked a treat.

Kumara and thyme gratin

This is comfort food with a twist.

Kumara coconut pudding

If you’re a lover of pumpkin pie, a North American Thanksgiving favourite, then you’re sure to enjoy this dessert recipe too.

Kumara, bacon & leek pie

Serve these as a perfect partner to beef, lamb or chicken. Your friends and family will think you have got very posh!

Kumara and watercress soup

This soup can be prepared ahead of time and is good to freeze.

Kumara and sausage stew

Looking for an inexpensive, healthy meal that’s satisfying and tastes great? While not short on flavour or nourishment, here’s a cheap and filling all-in-one meal solution to keep your family happy, healthy

One-dish chicken and kumara bake

How easy – everything in one baking dish! No stress, no messy clean-up.

Flour-dipped fish with kumara wedges

3 kumara, scrubbed and chopped into wedges2 tbsp oil1 tsp salt4 fish fillets1/2 cup rice flour2 tbsp lemon juice3/4 cup cold soda wateroil for frying 1. Preheat oven to 200¡C. Place kumara

Corn, salami and kumara salad with red pepper mayonnaise

Serves 4 4 medium-sized kumara, peeled and cut into chunks 2 cobs sweetcorn, cooked (or 1 x 400g can corn kernels) 100g pepperoni salami (pepper flavoured), diced 1 green pepper, finely diced with seeds

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