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Top 10: beef recipes

There’s nothing like a hearty serving of beef for a warm winter’s meal. A great source of iron and protein, there are many beef recipes the family will love.

Our top 10 recipes include roast beef, corned beef, beef stew and beef burgers!

Roast beef with red pepper chilli jam

For a treat, buy aged meat (ask your butcher for some before you need it) and cook it from room temperature. Pat with a paper towel to ensure the beef is dry so oil will stick.


Beef steak with rocket mayonnaise

This beef steak will be a huge hit!


Beer and corned beef

A simple tasty favourite that can be served hot with potatoes, braised cabbage and a mustard sauce, or cold in sandwiches with pickle.


No-Fuss Beef Stew

Serve with your favourite mash – carrot and parnsip, pea and potato or kumara and ginger


Slow-braised beef ribs with parsnip mash

Save time and cleaning up by asking your butcher or supermarket to chop the short ribs into individual pieces – then your good to start cooking.


Cheesy beef and baked bean cottage pie

Here’s a wonderful stomach filling recipe the whole family will love and costs so little to make


Thai beef curry

This beef curry is perfect for a winter’s dinner.


Beef and horseradish meatloaf

Horseradish sauce made from grated horseradish root, vinegar and cream is usually served with beef so it makes the perfect complement to this meatloaf recipe.


Big Mike’s beef and veggie burgers

It is big! Getting lots of vegetables into the patty not only makes it a lot healthier, but bulks it up while also keeping it light.


Beef sirloin with cashew salsa verde

You’ll have this delicious winter warmer on its way to the table in just an hour.


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