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Trout fishing in New Zealand

I’m from England and I have never been able to understand why you can’t buy and sell trout in this country. I rely on others to bring me their catch, and when I want to smoke a trout for a special occasion there’s no guarantee my fishing friends will catch one. Please can you explain in simple terms? I know it has something to do with farming trout but I really don’t get it!

Yes, it’s thought that allowing the farming of trout would disadvantage Kiwi and overseas recreational fishers. You see, although you can’t buy and sell trout here, you can sell the experience of catching one, and this brings many millions of tourist dollars into the country. Certain diseases can occur in trout farms and be spread into the wild stock, and there’s also the danger of poaching. The debate around this issue resurfaces from time to time, but in a nutshell, that’s where we’re at.

Issue 1541

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