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Soup special: Seafood and pork soup recipes

We’re celebrating the cold weather with a week-long soup special! Today we have found five of our favourite seafood and pork soups to help keep you warm and healthy this winter.

Crab-bisque This tasty crab bisque soup recipe serves five to six for dinner. Serve with crusty bread.


Frech-style-fish-head-soup-This retro French-style fish head soup recipe will evoke memories of your grandmother’s cooking. No ingredients are wasted, and the result is a heartwarming soup perfect for a rainy day.


fish soupThis fish soup is a seafood lovers delight, and is bursting with mussels, prawn cutlets and fish fillets. Top with a dollop of aioli and toasted bread. Serves four.


pea-and-hamA childhood favourite, pea and ham soup requires some forward planning as the dried peas need to be soaked over night.


pork noodle soup
This pork and noodle soup is Asian inspired and can be cooked and on the table in 30 minutes or less. Garnish with sliced pork and coriander.

Take a look at these vegetable soup recipes here.

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