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Retro recipe: Homemade butter

For a long time, butter was forwned upon as a staple food because of high saturated fat levels – margarine was encouraged instead. Personally I prefer butter, as it is a natural product without additives, such as colourings and flavourings, which you find in margarines.

And recent studies are finding that a little bit of butter won’t hurt, because we actually need some fat in our diet to act as a carrier for important fat-soluble vitamins – A, D, E and K – and it is needed for the conversion of carotene to vitamin A and mineral absorption.

I also believe that we have been eating animal fats for thousands of years, so we are designed to process them, instead of some of the fake offerings you find in the supermarket. Making butter at home is easy. It takes just five minutes and you can add salt to taste, so you can dictate your sodium intake.


  • 600ml cream (if you can find organic, buy it!)
  • Salt to taste

1. Simply pour the cream into a bowl, get out your electric beaters and whisk until lumps of butter appear, and eventually form a big lump. It takes about five minutes on a medium speed. Remove the lump of butter and douse it in a bowl of cold water, squeezing gently. Rinse the lump under a running tap until the water runs clean, then put in a bowl and use. Add salt to taste.

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