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Five ways with kumara recipes

Five ways with kumara recipes

Kumara, or sweet potato, is a versatile vegetable that can be incorporated in to both savoury and sweet dishes. Try adding the five recipes below to your cooking repertoire.

LambRackThis lamb racks and pancetta with baked kumara orzo recipe serves four people. Make sure you use the best-quality lamb that you can afford and trim off any excess fat. Serve with a side salad.


Thai_Kumara_Curry-Kumara is a star ingredient in this fragrant and tasty Thai inspired kumara and coconut curry recipe. Adjust the spice levels by adding more curry paste. Serves four.


Kumara-and-sausage-frittersTraditionally made in China with local sausage and sweet potatoes, these kumara and spicy pork sausage fritters are a tasty alternative.Serves four.


Kumara-and-thyme-gratinThis kumara and thyme gratin is the perfect hearty dish to top off a busy day. Ready in one hour, it serves four.


Not just for savoury dishes, this sweet kumara coconut pudding is best served with cream. For the best results, use the orange-fleshed varieties of kumara. Serves four.

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