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Five ways with apples recipes

A fruit bowl staple, apples make a great healthy snack, but are also a delicious edition to these apple recipes below.

Apple-streusel-coffee-cakeThis apple streusel coffee cake is delicious served warm with whipped cream or custard for dessert, or enjoy a slice with a cup of coffee.


Pork-loin-and-hasselback-potatoes-with-seared-apple-cauliflower-saladThis pork loin with hasselback potatoes and a seared apple & cauliflower salad is the perfect Sunday roast. Serve the apple salad warm to bring out the full flavours.


Summer-apple-and-berry-almond-crumbleThis simple summer apple and berry almond crumble dessert requires next to no effort to make. Experiment using your favourite fruit combinations.


Roast-apples-with-MarsalaRoast apples with Marsala is an Italian dessert perfect for cold winter weekends. For the best results use braeburn or pink lady apples.


49-1Skip your usual weekend fry-up breakfast or French toast in favour of these caramelised apples on spicy fruit toast.

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