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Making fudge with a difference

We’ve just had our school fair, and very late the night before, trying to come up with something different for the sweet stall, I hit on the following idea. I made a standard chocolate fudge recipe and had a bowl of chopped jubes, chopped peanuts (without the skins) and baby marshmallows ready. Timing is important; you must stop beating the second the shine goes off the fudge mixture and quickly add the other ingredients, stirring before scraping it into a buttered dish to set.

Thanks for sharing this idea. I know school fairs can be stressful for parents who are expected to stock the stalls, and I’m sure your suggestion will inspire other sweet-makers. I recently heard of someone buying avocado fudge at a fair and when I researched online it looked most interesting. Maybe you could try that and report back.

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