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10 ways with fish

Fish is an excellent source of Omega 3 and an important part of our diet. Whether it’s fish tacos, baked fish or smoked fish we have lots of recipes.  Here are our top ten fish recipes.

Fish tacos, avocado salsa verde and radish salad

You can use virtually any white fish, fresh or frozen.

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Fish soup

Try serving this soup with a dollop of aioli and toasted rustic bread.


Fish pie with kumara mash

Here’s a hearty meal dads all around the world will love. Serves 5, ready in 40 mins


Fish with caponata

This dish is low in fat, high in flavour. Your family will love the caponata’s zingy kick.


Fish baked in paper with leeks and carrots

This is an easy way to steam fish and the brilliant part is, the vegetables can be steamed at the same time.


Fish with tomato couscous

This oiddle Eastern inspired fish dish will tickle your family’s tastebuds!


Fish chowder

You can vary the fish used in this chowder according to availability and personal taste. Have some fun experimenting with this delicious recipe.


Fish Goujons and chips

¼ cup mixed mild mustard ½ cup mayonnaise 600g fish fillets, skinned, boned and cut into 15cm lengths 1½ cups fresh breadcrumbs 4 large potatoes, cut into chips 1. Mix mustard and


Smoked fish, spinach and bechamel

Creamed spinach in a classic white sauce – comfort food at its best! Add smoked fish to this

Fish fingers and chips

Homemade fish fingers are much more satisfying than the frozen kind. Follow this recipe for a satisfying version of a popular dinner dish.


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