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Top 10: Christmas baking gifts

Give Christmas gifts from the kitchen this year with these beautiful treats for your friends and family. Whether it’s Christmas truffles, Christmas biscuits or

Christmas hazelnut biscuits

Your friends and family will marvel at these artistic and clever cookies. You will need festive cutters in two sizes to create the layered look.

Christmas Recipes

Cranberry Christmas truffles

These are so good – imagine a full chocolate flavour and sweet chewy fruit. Just make sure you leave some for Santa! They are also ideal for junior samplers as the recipe contains no alcohol.

Christmas Recipes

Recipe: Christmas pate with cranberry and apple jelly

Make this pate for a mid-year Christmas to remember.

Christmas Recipes

Star biscuits

These raspberry filled biscuits are fun to make and look delicious, piled up on a plate and dusted with icing sugar.


Rum and raisin truffles

A decadent gift to be served with coffee and a little tipple on the side.



Feed a crowd with these delicious desserts – packed into a decorative container, they also make a great gift.


Christmas oat biscuits

This is the perfect baker’s present. Buy a jar and fill it with the flour, coconut, oats, seeds and cranberries. Then present it, along with the recipe, to a friend or loved one.

Christmas Recipes

Spiced nuts

Ready in 45 minutes, makes 2½ cups. 2 tsp cumin seeds 2 tsp coriander seeds 2 tsp mustard seeds 2 tsp fennel seeds


Festive biscotti

This festive biscotti uses a basic biscotti recipe but the taste is altered with different types of nuts, chocolate and fruit.


White Christmas

While your house may not be able to accommodate yet another ornament or pot plant you’ve been given as a gift, there’s always room in the pantry for homemade treats! Edible gifts are easy, inexpensive


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