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10 Ways with Bread Recipes

10 Ways with Bread Recipes

Bread is one of the staples of our diet, and while it’s readily available, there is a lot of satisfaction in making your own bread.  Here are our favourite 10 bread recipes.

Bread and butter pudding recipe

Use up leftover loaves to create this delicious and comforting pudding, with added prunes and chocolate.

Wendyl Nissen’s Pantry

Pumpkin spice bread

This loaf also freezes really well – so why not double the recipe and make one for later as well?


Sweetbread recipes

Don’t stick your neck out looking for a tasty meal – try Nana’s sweetbreads, for dishes that are anything but bland.

Wendyl Nissen’s Pantry

Banana bread

Ready in 1 hour 10 minutes, makes one loaf. A busy mum said this banana bread was a huge hit with her son, Zach, whose favourite treat is two slices of it coated with a generous smear of spreadable cream


Cheesy bread pudding

of course this is not a pudding in the dessert sense of the word, but a lovely savoury custard-style dish. It is rich so small portions are essential and a crisp green salad with a squeeze of lemon would


Sweet bread

Perfect for the weekend, serve this up with hot chocolate. Preparation: 15min. Cooking: 25min. Makes: 1 loaf


Spanish tomato bread

Spanish tomato bread is a tasty way to start your meal. Preparation: 10min. Cooking: 2min. Serves: 6


Potato, olive and rosemary bread

This oediterranean inspired bread can be baked in a loaf pan or an oiled roasting dish. This is an impressive dish that not only tastes great, it looks amazing as well!


Naan Bread

1 tsp Surebake yeast ¾ cup warm milk 1 tsp sugar 2 cups flour ½ tsp salt ¼ cup unsweetened yoghurt 25g butter, melted Extra melted butter or garlic butter for brushing (optional) 1.


Spice & date bread

Cook’s tips: This loaf is highly versatile. It’s lovely as is, or spread with butter. It’s also delicious when served with blue cheese and drinks. This bread is fine to freeze. Makes 1 loaf, ready in 65


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