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10 Ways with Pasta

Extremely versatile, pasta makes a great meal for all the family.  All you need are some fresh ingredients, such as vegetables, cheese or meat and a tasty sauce.  There are so many different types of pasta available, that you can be extremely creative in what you prepare.

Pasta with hazelnut and parsley pesto

A rich and fragrant pasta, this can be eaten alone, or served with sides of bread and a simple green salad.

Pasta salad

Salads aren’t only side dishes or accompaniments to mains – a good salad can be a feature dish in itself! A fresh salad meal gives you the opportunity to combine lots of different flavours and textures

Pasta with beef strips and cherry tomatoes

An easy, delicious and economical mid-week meal.

Pasta spirals with fresh tomato sauce

An easy, delicious and economical mid-week meal as part of the ‘What’s For Dinner?’ series.

Pasta with tuna and brocoli

December seems to be a time when the pace of life speeds up. At times like this it is good to have some favourite recipes that are quick to prepare and can be reheated to serve those who get home later.

Pasta with asparagus and smoked chicken

A simple, easy and cost effective mid-week meal.

Pasta with mussels and bacon

This recipe is ideal for those mussels in brine in a pottle at the supermarket. Keep a little of the brine to add to the pasta sauce at the for extra punchy, vibrant acidity. Serve with a green salad.

‘Clean out the fridge’ pasta

This dish is designed to feed four hungry people and use up any leftovers from the fridge. This is a guideline recipe – include whatever you have on hand at the time.

Green goodness pasta

Pesto, pine nuts and pasta are an unbeatable combination. With the addition of green vegetables, this becomes a hearty and delicious mid-week dinner.

Do you have a favourite pasta recipe?

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