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10 ways with cheese

Cheese is a popular staple in New Zealand homes and is readily available in many different tastes, textures and types.  Here are our 10 most popular cheese recipes – including our popular macaroni cheese, cheese cake, cheese scones, cheese rolls, cheese sauce and more.

Special macaroni cheese

Macaroni cheese can be as plain as cheese sauce and macaroni, or with extra bits and pieces such as with our recipe this week.


Cheese cake recipe: Frozen lemon cheesecake

This tart cheesecake is easy to make and will be a hit with the whole family.


Spicy cheese scones

I was very sorry when my mother died and we couldn’t find her hand-written personal cookbook anywhere. She used to make the most wonderful cheese scones…

Simon Gault’s recipe tips

Cheese rolls

Southern readers will recognise this delectable treat, while North Islanders might like to add it to their recipe books.


Simon Gault: how to make cheese sauce

Dear Simon, How do you make a good cheese sauce? Wendy, Hamilton Dear Wendy Make your roux by mixing 50g each of butter and flour in a pan. Cook over a slow heat, ensuring it doesn’t brown. In a separate

Simon Gault’s recipe tips

Making cheese balls for a platter

I’d like to make a cheese ball for the platter I’m planning to serve with drinks on Christmas morning.

Simon Gault’s recipe tips

Cheese & mite scrolls

These delicious scrolls are also good for an after-school snack, especially straight out of the oven. Preparation: 25min. Cooking: 10min. Makes: 16


Cheeseburger pie

If you enjoy a little heat, add a good spoonful of sweet Thai chilli sauce to the mix, which is child-friendly.


Goats’ cheese and hazelnut tart

The combination of goats’ cheese and hazelnuts is just so good. You will never hanker for a classic bacon and egg pie again!


No-fail cheese souffle

Souffles are a lot easier than you might think. It’s all about measuring the ingredients and having the oven at the right temperature. And make sure you generously grease the ramekins, especially the lips.


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