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Top 12 clutches this season

Top 12 clutches this season

1 Tricolour clutch $24.99 from equip. 2 Tailynn clutch $130 from Mi Piaci. 3 Woven clutch $49.99 from Portmans. 4 Aura zip clutch $55 from Decjuba. 5 Lola clutch $39.90 from Colette. 6 Galactica clutch $49.90 from Colette. 7 Envelope clutch $29.99 from equip. 8 Quilted clutch $34.99 from Portmans. 9 Clarina stud clutch $119.90 from Overland. 10 Audrey clutch $29.90 from Colette. 11 Chrys metallic clutch $89.90 from Overland. 12 Alease clutch $40 from Decjuba.

find it:


Country Road: 0800 851 560



dotti: 0800 369 327

equip: (09) 520 4552

Glamour Boutique:



Mi Piaci:


Portmans: 0800 769 327


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