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5 of the best winter prints

I love playing with patterns – it’s a great way to direct people’s eyes toward where you want them to look! Stepping away from block colours can be scary at first, so if you’re new to patterns, start small and build up from there.

Winter Prints

Blazer $169.99, necklace $29.99 and pants $29.99 all from Farmers. Shirt $79.99 from Jacqui-E.
Clutch $29.99 from Portmans. Shoes $69.90 from Novo.

  1. Patterned pants will draw attention to your legs and away from your tummy. The back of this pair is plain black, which is very flattering – patterned legs are great, patterned bottoms are not!
  2. The draped blazer distracts from the tummy and hips. The whole look is fashionable and relaxed.
  3. Accessories like this magenta clutch are a great way to add colour.
Winter Prints

Coat $189.99 and skirt $89.99 both from Portmans. Shirt $129.99 from Farmers. Necklace $25.99 from Dotti. Bag $65.90 from Colette. Voodoo Tights $26.99 from various Department Stores. Shoes $35 from Kmart.

  1. A patterned pencil skirt is another great way to distract from your middle by turning eyes to your legs.
  2. If you feel a bit exposed in a fitted skirt, try wearing a long-line jacket. Opaque tights make all legs look great (by covering a multitude of sins!) – pick 120 denier for full cover.
Winter Prints

Coat $84.99 and necklace $44.99 both from Ezibuy. Top $12 from Kmart. Pants $49.99 from Farmers.
Loafers $149.99 from Aphrika.

  1. A patterned coat or long-line jacket is the perfect way to jazz up a conservative wardrobe.
  2. If you tend to buy a lot of plain block colours, a striking patterned coat will add some interest to your outfits. There is a lot of leopard, snake and all things animal this winter. Find a print you like.
  3. With a coat as interesting as this, you don’t need to worry about what to wear with it – no-one will notice!
  4. A textured knit is a must-have piece this season. The shops are full of ribbed and fluffy options.
  5. Coloured jeans and pants are a fresh update on blue or black. Grey goes with everything black does, but is more interesting.
Winter Prints

Dress $74.99 from Ezibuy. Necklace $15 from The Warehouse. Clutch $49.90 from Collette. Boots $89.90 from Novo.

  1. Patterned dresses are very eye-catching and draw attention away from any problem areas.
  2. Look for draped and twisted fabrics to hide a tummy.
  3. Long necklaces add vertical detail and break up the torso.
  4. Comfortable boots are the perfect option for day wear, or add a heel for a night out.
Winter Prints

Jacket $180 from Decjuba. Shirt $29 and boots $35 both from The Warehouse. Necklace $29.99 from Farmers.
Jeans $42.99 from Ezibuy.

  1. Printed jackets are a great way to add personality to an outfit. A black and white motif is always a safe option as you can wear it with so many colours.
  2. A shiny necklace helps to draw the eye up away from the midsection.
  3. Berry is a popular colour this season and these simple jeans are a chic way to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

By Lisa O’Neill.

Issue 1541

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