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The Bob – hairstyle tips and advice

The bob’s not back because it’s never been away! Wildly controversial when it came on the scene almost a century ago, it revolutionised women’s hairstyles. Early film stars bobbed their hair and today’s celebs continue to work the look. Top hairdresser Mana Dave of Auckland salon Blaze gives us the latest on this classic style.

Is the bob a boring cut?
It’s a classic, timeless cut – think of it as the hair version of the “little black dress”.

Who looks good in a bob?
The bob can be interpreted to suit many face shapes and lifestyles – from something that’s very sleek and polished to a more textured version that has a modern and casual appearance.

Who should avoid one?
If you’re looking at the classic version that sits heavily, then it should definitely be avoided if you have quite a wide, square jawline or very full cheeks – the weight will emphasise those features.

Which hair textures work best for a bob?
If you’re keen on a low-maintenance approach, then your hair texture needs to be fine to medium in thickness and relatively straight. This will enhance the polished appearance of the shape. The more natural wave your hair has, the more high-maintenance the style will become.

What is a graduated bob?
The back is shaped so it sits shorter and tighter at the back of your neck. The weight of the shape sits up higher – think Posh Spice’s “pob”.

What are the hottest bob looks right now?
Vintage and mod. The vintage take is classic – a heavy, wide fringe, one length and with a great blow-dry to finish. The mod version is voluminous and tousled with a loose wave.

How can a bob be updated?
Through colour look at utilising a “shine line” technique that adds more dimension in the fringe area. In styling, convert your polished straight bob by introducing wave with a curling tong and then raking your hair with your fingers.

What’s the most versatile bob to have?
A more layered shape, because it allows you to convert from straight to curly more easily.

Which celebrities have worn great bobs?
Vogue editor Anna Wintour owns the classic bob – it’s a huge part of her iconic style. Victoria Beckham’s “pob” gave birth to the trend for a look with more movement and texture.

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