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Penny Ashton: My beauty secrets

Actress, comic and poet Penny Ashton (38) is appearing in Promise and Promiscuity: A New Musical by Jane Austen at the Auckland Fringe from February 27 to March 3.

MY BEAUTY PHILOSOPHY IS… Always try to date the prettiest man; that way I look good by association.

THE SKINCARE PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT ARE… Olay, the $13 one. I also have moistened towelettes for removing pink stage make-up (despite the word “moist” in the name).

MY HAIRCARE SECRET IS… Internet shopping. I’m difficult and always like the most extreme red colours, which tend to get discontinued, so I must let my fingers do the shopping overseas. My ginger drug of choice is Schwarzkopf Brilliance L46, AKA Red Fire (that’s right, fire) and it can be found online in Australia. It’s true; Australia has higher pay, more beach days and lots of hair dye. I still prefer New Zealand, though.

THE MUST-HAVE PRODUCTS IN MY MAKEUP BAG ARE… Thin Lizzy. Everyone should get passed the ridiculous advertising and use it. It really is “six in one” and adds a natural glow. I’m a big fan of Boing concealer from Benefit, also not available here, MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo and Rebel and Napolean Perdis Bright Eyeshadows.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREAT IS… I’m not a fan of facials. I get bored with all that whale song. Probably taking the time for a tea-tree mask and some manly kisses. Not at the same time.

MY BIGGEST BEAUTY SIN IS… They say alcohol dries out the skin. I refuse to believe it but, if it is true, substituting sauvignon blanc for my eight glasses of water a day probably isn’t helpful.

THE BEST THING MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT BEAUTY WAS… She bequeathed to me her lovely skin. Mum still looks foxy at sixty-something. I must get the eye bags from elsewhere.

About Nicky Pellegrino

Nicky Pellegrino has been a journalist for over 20 years, both here and in the UK, and is a former editor of New Zealand Woman's Weekly. These days, as well as working on the magazine's beauty pages, she writes popular novels like Recipe For LIfe, The Italian Wedding and The Villa Girls. For more about Nicky check out her website

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