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Party make up tips

Lush length

For a long night out, you need lashes to last the distance.

I’ve seen far too many girls with their falsies coming unglued to want to try that myself, so either get them professionally applied, or go with the safer option of bold, black mascara instead.

There are two new ones worth checking out: Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara $20.50 (1) for a real 1960s, wide-eyed, full volume look and L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Excess Lashes $29.99 (2).

The trick is to apply at least two coats.

Put on the second before the first dries, and be sure to catch the lashes at the outer corners – use the tip of the brush for this.

Bold lips

A matte red shade is the ultimate in old Hollywood glamour.

MAC has a new Retro Matte collection, that includes old favourite Ruby Woo (3), a vivid blue red.

But I like the new shade, All Fired Up, which is more of a pinky-red and better suited to summer evenings ($40 each).

If you prefer a hint of sheen, try Doll face Lipstick in Hot Poker$31.50 (4), and for a dark and dramatic turn there’s Karen Murrell Scarlet Blaze $29.95 (5).

Just one tip: if you’re going with a bright lippy, keep the rest of your make-up look pared back.

A hint of shimmer on the eyes, some eyeliner and mascara will be enough to create an impact.

Less is more

In bright daylight, nothing looks worse than a caked-on mask of foundation.

Avoid this situation by choosing a light, weightless product, such as Revlon Nearly Naked $31.95 (6).

Only put it where needed to even out skin tone.

A good rule is to apply to the middle of the face, and work the fingers or foundation brush outwards to blend. You can always layer on more with a brush to hide individual dark spots, blemishes, etc.

be wary of All that glitters…

It pays to show restraint with glittery make-up – just keep it to one part of the face for best results.

Shades of gold are a gorgeous, summery alternative to a dark, smoky eye style. Choose a versatile pigment that can be brushed on lightly for a subtle gleam or built up to an intense, metallic finish.

If the skin around your eyes is a bit crepey, use a shadow as an eyeliner.Wet the brush to get a finer line.

Try Stilamagnificent MetalsFoil Finish Eyeshadowin Comex Gold $60 (7). This one comes with an eye primer to help it last longer.

There’s also new mineral powder THE OrganicSkin Co Eyeshadow inBurnish $29 (8), or Bobbibrown long-wearcream shadow stick$33.99 (9) is perfect to use for definition.

For the lips, opt for an iridescent gloss such as Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss $50 (10) to wear alone or over a lipstick. Revlon’s limited edition ColorBurst Lip Butter in Invite Only $24.50 (11) looks green, but once applied is actually a low-gloss, silvery shade.

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