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My Beauty Secrets: Melodie Robinson

Melodie Robinson

Melodie Robinson

Aucklander Melodie Robinson (40) is a presenter on SKY Sport.

My beauty philosophy is… If I fall off the wagon, I don’t beat myself up, I just get back on again. My “wagon” consists of green smoothies, fish oil at night and lots of water. I suffer from chronic eczema and I’ve found that healthy food works better than steroid creams.

The skincare products I can’t do without are… I’m lucky that SKY gets a discount on Environ, MAC and Dermalogica products, so I use Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser, MAC Pro Eye Make-up Remover, Ceres Organic Coconut Oil or Environ Intensive Hydrating Oil Capsules (it depends how much I want to spend – coconut oil is cheap). Plus Environ C-Quence Eye Cream and Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 30 Moisturizer are great.

My hair care secret is… Penny Ainsley. I love her. Not only do her and her team at Auckland’s Ainsley’s Hair Design do a great job with my colour, cut and condition, she’s also really funny. The make-up team at SKY are used to my hair now too, so they do a very good fix-up of my wild curls.

The must-have products in my make-up bag are… MAC Face & Body Foundation – it’s light, which is good for mature skin, and you can build it up on the areas that need more coverage. I love MAC Select Moisture Cover for the bags under my eyes. I use MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot as a base on my eyelids, with two neutral browns. I have five brushes and use those to blend. Brushes are the secret.

My favourite beauty treat is… Going to Auckland’s Formé Spa and getting a microdermabrasion combined with the Lumiere Light Therapy. It gets rid of my eczema.

My biggest beauty sin is… I love wine although it’s hideous for my skin. I balance that by having five alcohol-free days a week, and eating well.

The best thing my mother taught me about beauty was… To smile. Smile lines are beautiful; they show you’ve lived a happy life.

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Nicky Pellegrino has been a journalist for over 20 years, both here and in the UK, and is a former editor of New Zealand Woman's Weekly. These days, as well as working on the magazine's beauty pages, she writes popular novels like Recipe For LIfe, The Italian Wedding and The Villa Girls. For more about Nicky check out her website

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