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My beauty secrets: Claire Turnbull

Nutritionist Claire Turnbull (30) is the author of Lose Weight for Life (Penguin, $30).

MY BEAUTY PHILOSOPHY IS… that everyone is different and being beautiful means being the best version of yourself – not trying to be or look like someone else.

THE SKINCARE PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT ARE… Environ’s range. I love their products, especially the Colostrum Gel, AVST Cream and Antioxidant Gel. I used to have very problematic skin with adult acne and eczema for most of my life, and Environ has completely changed this for me. Now, I don’t need any medication and my skin gets better all the time. I also use organic coconut oil on my arms and legs to keep them soft and smooth – smells awesome too.

MY HAIRCARE SECRET IS… good shampoo. I always use Kérastase Bain Satin Shampoo – and with a fabulously healthy diet, packed with vegetables, seafood, healthy fats and lots of water, my hair tends to behave itself.

THE MUST-HAVE PRODUCTS IN MY MAKEUP BAG ARE… Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Minerals. I love a good MAC lip gloss and blusher, but mascara is my weakness – I’m addicted to it. Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara and Jane Iredale Longest Lash are two of my favourites.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREAT IS… getting Shellac done on my nails. French looks great, but sometimes I pull out the bright colours. I also love a good massage – by far the best way to unwind, relaxing your body and mind.

MY BIGGEST BEAUTY SIN IS… being rough with my skin. Sometimes when I wash my face and take my eye makeup off, you’d think I’m trying to scrub myself to death – oops, must learn to be more gentle!

THE BEST THING MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT BEAUTY WAS… eating well is where it all begins, and she is so right! I guess that’s why I work in nutrition.

About Nicky Pellegrino

Nicky Pellegrino has been a journalist for over 20 years, both here and in the UK, and is a former editor of New Zealand Woman's Weekly. These days, as well as working on the magazine's beauty pages, she writes popular novels like Recipe For LIfe, The Italian Wedding and The Villa Girls. For more about Nicky check out her website

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