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My beauty secrets: Catherine Wilkin

Actress Catherine Wilkin has appeared in TV shows such as Outrageous Fortune and McLeod’s Daughters and starred in Girl In Tan Boots in Auckland’s The Basement Theatre March 11-22.

My beauty philosophy is…

Look outward. Eat well. Wear a hat. Don’t look in the mirror too often – those are laugh lines all right!

The skincare products I can’t live without are…

Crocodile Skin Cream, handmade in central Hawke’s Bay by Millstream Gardens. They also make the most fabulous Rose Hand Salve – I’m a gardener and this is the best I’ve found. Trilogy Rosehip Oil is also wonderful for the skin.

My haircare secret is…

Eco Store Shampoo and Conditioner. Clean and green – I love their products.

The must-have products in my make-up bag are…

My MAC Lipstick and Powerpoint Eye Pencil and my Cancer Society SPF 30+ Sunscreen.

My favourite beauty treat is…

My veggie garden. I try new things every year, but am never without berries, tomatoes, spinach, celery, onions, apricots, figs and peaches – full of vitamins and minerals.

My biggest beauty sin is…

Never having had a pedicure!  My feet, so vital, so taken for granted.  Maybe this year…

The best thing my mother taught me about beauty was…

Less is more. A dash of lipstick and a spring in your step is all that you need.

One Response to “My beauty secrets: Catherine Wilkin”

  1. botanicalroad Mar 30 2014, 5:42pm

    The products hand crafted by by Millstream Gardens are wonderful .

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