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How to Guide – Peel and reveal

Skin peels can help fade sun damage, soften fine lines and ease blotchiness, as well as firming up skin. The old-style, deep chemical peels burnt off layers of skin which involved discomfort, then lots of downtime to recover. Now we’ve realised it pays to be less harsh on skin and the trend is for more frequent, but lighter “freshening peels”, often using acids derived from fruit or milk.

Nimue specialised consultant Lee-Anne Snowdon explains how they can benefit your skin.

“Peels dissolve dead skin cells, promoting skin brightening and renewal. They also work to unclog pores and boost collagen and elastin production for a smoother, more refined complexion.”

“Exfoliation is different from peeling. High concentrations of active ingredients are used, along with a steamer, to give better results. Also, a lot of people don’t exfoliate properly or for long enough at home.”

“Depending on your skin and the solution that you use, peels can be performed weekly or monthly. Correctly formulated and applied, they should not cause either irritation or in ammation.”


Mybody Probiotic Youthboost $150 (1) is targeted at ageing and acne-prone skin. Topical probiotics (good bacteria) stimulate the skin’s natural repair system – and Probiotic also contain a blend of proven acids and skin brighteners.

1. My body Probiotiv youthboost

Nimue’s new Bio-Lacto Treatment POA (2) contains a complex of acids and is designed to treat sun-damaged, blotchy skin. The new Penta Salaic Treatment targets acne-prone skin. Both treatments are a move away from the harsh peels of the past.

Dermalogica’s new Active Resurface 35 $90 (3) uses a blend of acids, enzymes and peptides to treat everything from dehydration to sun damage and fine lines, without any inflammation or post-treatment peeling.

I’ve trialled this one and my skin was left glowing afterwards without a trace of irritation.


These contain lower levels of active ingredients than salon treatments, but with regular use you should still see results. REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask $86 (1):
Formulated with fruit acids, this rinse-off peel is ideal for congested and mature skins – however, it’s not recommended if you have sensitive skin.

Murad Intensive Resurfacing Pack $99 (2):
A four-week course of microdermabrasion peel, which blends fruit acids with vitamin C to brighten and smooth your pores.

Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Overnight Biological Peel $102 (3):
The blend of enzymes is mixed with a potent skin hydrator for a safe, at-home, skin-freshening peel treatment.

After a peel, it pays to be extra diligent with sunscreen.

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