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Benefits of beauty oils

From cleansing and moisturising skin, to battling the signs of ageing, conditioning your hair and controlling its frizz – these days, there is an oil to satisfy pretty much every beauty need.

Oils can… benefit sensitive skin. They don’t contain the same preservatives as lotions, meaning they’re less likely to cause a reaction.

Oils do… become rancid. Once you’ve opened a bottle, store it in a dark cupboard with the cap firmly screwed on and use it up, rather than keeping it for an occasional beauty treat.

Oils can… be used on all skin and hair types. If greasiness is an issue, opt for lighter formulas.

Oils do… rescue skin in winter as they lock in hydration, aiding the natural lipid barrier that protects against cold, windy weather.

Oils can… be cost-effective. You’ll only need a few drops, so it will keep you going through multiple applications.

Oils do… contain a blend of vitamins and fatty acids, which makes them beneficial for both skin and hair.

Cleansing Oils

Dr LeWinns 4 Fusion Cleansing Oil, $37.90. Clarins Total Cleansing Oil, $49.

Cleansing oils:

Why use them? They remove make-up gently and effectively, without disrupting the skin’s natural moisture balance. Since oil cleanses oil, they’ll even work on your greasy T-zone.

How to: Apply cleansing oil to dry skin and massage in circular motions. Then emulsify with a few drops of water. Remove with a damp face cloth.

Try: Dr LeWinns 4 Fusion Cleansing Oil $37.90 (1)contains rosehip, argan and tamanu and is recommended for dull skin. Clarins Total Cleansing Oil $49 (2) is a light mix of perilla and olive oil that also removes eye make-up.

Hair And Moisturising Oil

From left: Antipodes Divine Face Oil, $36. Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil, $64.99. Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier 5, $34.90. Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+, $35.90.

Moisturing oils:

Why use them? Starting from our late 30s, our skin produces fewer of the natural oils that keep it healthy, so wrinkles look more obvious and elasticity suffers. Skin oils are easily absorbed, making them the perfect carrier for nutrients.

How to: Apply after cleansing morning and night on face and décolletage. Gently press into the skin. Allow to absorb for a few minutes before putting on sunscreen or make-up.

Try: Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ $35.90 (3). Rosehip is suited to dehydrated or ageing skins and can be used to treat stretch marks. This one has nutrients extracted from tomatoes and is ideal for treating fine lines, uneven skin tone and loss of firmness. Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil $64.99 (4) contains rosehip with evening primrose and white tea. Antipodes Divine Face Oil $36 (5) is infused with rosehip and avocado oil, which is rich in vitamin E.

Hair oils:

Why use them? The best ones do the job of a leave-in conditioner, blow-dry lotion, a heat protector, shine spray and anti-fluff product all in one. Some will even speed up blow-drying time.

How to: Apply from the mid-lengths to the ends on wet hair. Only use a small amount. Once hair is dry, you can use a little more to amp up shine and tame frizz.

Try: Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier 5 $34.90 (6) – a blend of argan, marula, almond, macadamia and jojoba.

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