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Irene’s Christmas heartbreak

New Zealand Woman's Weekly - December 24 2012

In this week’s issue, Silver Fern Irene van Dyk opens up about losing her mum to cancer and facing the future without her.

Kiwi celebrities share their best and worst festive gifts over the years. What’s the worst that could happen with gift giving?

Kiwi actor Russell Crowe makes a play to reunite with his wife and children, while Tom and Katie step out on the red carpet.

Nutrition expert Dr Libby Weaver reveals the secret behind her success and spills her weight-loss secrets.

Christmas is almost upon us. If you suddenly realise that a menu still needs to be planned, we have the perfect solution. Check out Annabelle White’s recipes for a stress-free feast this Christmas.

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Ginger ale Christmas cake

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Ginger ale Christmas cake

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In this week's issue of New Zealand Woman's Weekly magazine, Sir Michael Hill shares the secret to his 50-year love affair.

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