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Christmas Ideas

With life being so hectic around Christmas, the Weekly has compiled some great advice, tips and ideas to help make it easier on you:

Christmas entertaining

Listen to me carefully about Christmas parties – you don’t have to throw one if you don’t want to. Every year I say to myself, “I’m not having a party, I’m too tired.” This brings about a mental shift


Christmas special: cure for ‘gimme’ kids

They’re known as the “gimmes”, those grating demands from your children to “gimme” that toy or game they just have to have. Children who constantly want you to buy them gifts can be frustrating at the

Kids & teens

Christmas gifts the kids can make

With Christmas approaching, it’s a good time to teach your children the value of giving something they have made themselves rather than rushing out to the shopping mall and simply buying a present for

Kids & teens

Christmas Party Lips!

1 If you’re busy having a good time, the last thing you want is to be constantly reapplying your lipstick. So it’s worth spending a bit of extra time on your lips when you’re doing your party makeup. Here’s


Peta Mathias on Christmas

There are many thrilling ways to celebrate Christmas Day and you’re the one who controls how it goes, because you’re the domestic goddess. Be organised, have sips of chilled white wine and make lists


Buying Christmas presents

The secret to good Christmas gifts is to start buying them early. January is a good time, because that’s when all the sales are on. I would say about one percent of the population do this. The rest of


Healthy Christmas presents

Some people are so difficult to buy for at Christmas. I know I’m often stuck for ideas. What about something that’s good for their health? Zumba classesA blend of salsa and other Latin dance moves, zumba

Diet & fitness

How to have a cruisy family Christmas

The idea behind Christmas for most families is a chance to get together and enjoy each other’s company, with a few presents thrown in. But psychologists will tell you that for most of us it is the most

Kids & teens

Put a stop to Christmas stress

Have you found yourself stressed out in the lead-up to Christmas, running round the malls like a headless chicken, battling your way through the crowds? Now’s the time to think about planning ahead for

Health tips

Present danger: buying gifts for loved ones

Disturbing evidence continues to emerge concerning the terrible judgment of men when it comes to buying presents for the women in their lives. If they buy them at all, that is.


Holiday health

This is the time of year when all your good intentions about eating healthily and drinking in moderation go out the window as numerous social occasions prove very tempting. It is possible not to overindulge,

Health tips

Tips for putting lights in your garden

Gone are the days of bulky, ugly fittings – now you can really make your garden glow.


Outdoor flavour

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests can be a pleasant task and a great way to get in the mood for entertaining over the festive season. But with so many social engagements, time is of

Around the house

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