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Christmas gifts

Giving at Christmas is an important tradition.  Here are some ideas for Christmas presents this year.

The greatest gift – Buying and giving for family and friends

I’m a keen gift-giver and I always enjoy finding the perfect present, whatever the occasion. I buy in sales throughout the year to put away for Christmas, and whenever my family suggests we should use

Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts the kids can make

People will value their presents for their thought and children will learn how to make something out of very little.

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More Christmas presents the kids can make

Here are some budget- conscious ideas for gifts your kids can make this Christmas.

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Buying Christmas presents

The secret to good Christmas gifts is to start buying them early. January is a good time, because that’s when all the sales are on. I would say about one percent of the population do this. The rest of


Healthy Christmas presents

Some people are so difficult to buy for at Christmas. I know I’m often stuck for ideas. What about something that’s good for their health? Zumba classesA blend of salsa and other Latin dance moves, zumba

Diet & fitness

True Christmas spirit

Traditionally Christmas has been a time when families get together and in New Zealand we’re pretty firm on that. We insist that we all see each other on 25 December. But has Christmas in your house become

Christmas Gifts

Present danger: buying gifts for loved ones

Disturbing evidence continues to emerge concerning the terrible judgment of men when it comes to buying presents for the women in their lives. If they buy them at all, that is.


Why do we gift wrap at Christmas?

Wrapping presents at Christmas time stems from several traditions that have been passed down and evolved through history – from the act of gift giving to the origins of the wrapping paper.

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Cure for ‘gimme’ kids

They’re known as the “gimmes”, those grating demands from your children to “gimme” that toy or game they just have to have.

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